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     For Underprivileged Communities

Our Story

Poverty and poor sanitation is a common thing we encounter as regular volunteers of a medical-based NGO.

When the massive flood of 2014 hit Kelantan and Pahang, we came to help as a medical based NGO. We noticed that most of the diseases we saw were related to poor sanitation caused by poor access to clean water. Initially we assumed it was due to the effect of the flood. However what shocked us was that the locals claimed that access to clean water have always been a problem; for DECADES!

Clean water clearly was something we take for granted. It was disappointing to know that people still faced this problem in Malaysia.

This is why The safeWHERE(safe water everywhere) Project was initiated. The first project was a crowd-funding one for a village named Dabong.

We built the prototype device ourselves. This device still operates today. It is a simple, inexpensive yet an effective water treatment system and easily maintained.

It uses local resources, custom-made to the Dabong community to provide them with clean water. It can provide up to 35000 litres of clean water per day. Up until now, it works well and providing clean free water for more than 700 people EVERY DAY! That surely qualifies for a long-term direct impact effort.

If you know any communities in need of clean water or a potential sponsor of safeWHERE, please let us know, you will help bring essential clean water to those in need.

Reality Check

  Diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene kills an estimated 842,000 people every year globally

 82% of those who lack access to improved water live in rural areas, while just 18% live in urban areas.

 663 Million people have lack of access to clean water globally.

 More people have a mobile phone than a toilet.

 7% of Malaysian still drink from surface water/other unimproved source.




SafeWHERE prototype

Main Partners

  • Place : Kg. Jelawang, Dabong
  • Size (main filtration) : Length (2.36 m), Width (1.45m), Height (1.30m)
  • Flow rate : 24.3 liter/minutes or 35 000 liter/day
  • Maintenance : Once per year (80 – 120 NTU)
  • Automatic sensor for clean water storage
  • Upgradable : Solar panels, Ultraviolet Light etc.
  • Up to 5000 people per day @ 7 liter/person
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